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Customer Service

Associates will assist you with balance inquiries or answer your questions about checks you forgot to write down, either in person or at the other end of your telephone.

Statement Preparation

Your check images will be returned neatly sorted in check number order; three-hole punched and ready to store conveniently in our complimentary binder.


Research offers you the opportunity of replacing that lost check or statement (in the event you must replace the record for tax purposes, etc.)

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer your collected funds can be sent to a bank anywhere in the country for arrival the same day.

ACH Processing

Take ACH processing to the next level and automate your payroll or bills via the paperless ACH system.

Data Processing

We process your transactions and maintain complete records of your account activity.
Call 308-632-7004 or Toll Free at 888-632-7004 or email us at

In getting help, or questions answered call our Bookkeeping/Data Center division, or call a Personal Banker. Also consider our DIRECT LINE Telephone Banking, where you can call about your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

**The “collected balance” on account is derived after all transactions have been posted to the account. The collected balance reflects only those funds that have been collected by us.

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