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What is NetBANKING?

NetBANKING allows you to access your accounts online 24 hours a day right from the convenience of your home, office or any PC and do all of the things you can do in person at our bank. We also offer free Bill Pay and free eStatements as part of our NetBANKING services.
What changes are being made to ACH item posting?
Currently, ACH credit transactions are posted multiple times per day while debit transactions are only posted once per day. Paper checks have always posted multiple times throughout the day. Going forward ACH debit transactions, including paper checks that are converted by payees, will be posted to your account multiple times per day.
Who do I contact with questions?
If you have questions concerning your ACH item posting, please email us at, or by calling Raye Lynn Gobble at 308-633-9608 or Toll Free at 888-632-7004.
How does the ACH item posting changes affect me?
In the past, you may have checked your Platte Valley Bank account in online banking or mobile banking in the morning and known that no more ACH debits would post that day.  Going forward, items may post to your account throughout the day.  Also, ACH payments authorized over the phone or online, plus checks that payees convert to ACH payments, could post to your account the same day they’re authorized. 
What are the benefits of same day ACH debits?
The conversion to ‘same day ACH debits’ will enable you to make easier on-time bill payments as well as faster crediting when you are moving money among transactions that you own at different financial institutions.  Similarly, business to business payments will process more quickly-providing faster processing of invoices and payments.
Will my direct deposit be affected?
No.  Direct deposits will continue to be credited to your account on the posting date set by the originator of the payment. 

Debit items could post to your account the same day they’re authorized.  To avoid overdrafts, funds should be in your account before you authorize any payment.

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