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Online & Mobile Banking


Platte Valley Bank’s digital experience was built to help you easily manage and track your finances online or with your mobile app. No need for multiple apps – we’ve got you covered from building your budget and viewing your balance to chatting directly and securely with our staff.

Stay on top of bills

Pay bills.
Never forget to pay a bill again. Set up recurring payments and pay your bills digitally without ever writing a check.

Pay friends.
Whether you’re splitting dinner or rent, pay your friends back with just a few taps.

Sign. Snap. Send.

Next time you get a check, just sign, snap and send the money directly into your account with Mobile Deposit.  We can’t fill your fridge but we can save you a trip to the bank.  Mark another errand off your list and get back to life. 

take charge of your money with pvbudget

Manage your budget where it belongs—right with the money you’re budgeting. Track spending categories and set goals all within Platte Valley Bank’s digital banking solution.

chat with us

It can be hard to make it into the branch with a busy schedule. But sometimes you just need a human to help you—especially when your money is at stake.

Platte Valley Bank offers completely-secure chat through our app and online experience that allows you to work directly with us to accomplish anything you would in one of our branch locations. So the next time you see a strange transaction or need to transfer a large amount of money, we’re here to help you…wherever you happen to be.

we're here for you

Low balance? Large purchase? Set your thresholds and we’ll send you a notification. You can also get alerts if a card was used outside of your set location or at a store type outside of your preference. Plus, you have full control of where you see an alert—email, text, or push notification on your phone from your mobile app.


Scan the QR Code to get started on your convenient and secure financial journey right at your fingertips.


We can make the world a greener place by cutting down on paper waste

eStatements allow you to view your checking and savings account statements right on your computer. You will receive email notifications when your eStatements are ready for you to view, save, and print at your convenience. You will also be able to have additional recipients (i.e. your accountant, spouse, business partner) receive your eStatements and check images. They will have their own access and only see the items you allow.


Platte Valley Bank Debit Card customers can use their cards confidently and securely almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card by using Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Getting Started is simple:

  • Download the Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay app
  • Add our Platte Valley Bank VISA Debit Card – it’s as easy as snapping a photo!
  • Pay confidently at millions of locations around the word
  • Because the payment is made using a secure token, you will never have to worry about your confidential information being at risk

Find your nearest Platte Valley Bank

Platte Valley Bank is pleased to offer a wide variety of accounts and services to meet the needs and lifestyles of all of our personal banking customers. Whether you need a checking account with no minimum balance requirement, a savings account with a competitive interest rate, or a personal loan to help you achieve your goals, we have a product to meet your needs.

Effective July 1, 2020 our Funds Availability policy will be changed to the following: We are increasing the amount we make immediately available for withdrawal by checks not subject to same day availability from $200 to $225. In addition, the amount available for withdrawal on the second business day after the day of your deposit for large deposits, will increase from $5,000 to $5,525.  

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