Trust Services

You may set up a Trust for any number of reasons.

Consider a living trust

A living trust is an excellent way to plan successfully. With a living trust, you can gain the added peace of mind that comes from professional, personalized investment management. At the same time, our services as trustees can free you from many time-consuming chores associated with the care and handling of securities. Busy executives and professionals find these advantages attractive. So do retirees who want to be free to travel and pursue new interests.

Some market risk depending on investments. May not be FDIC insured, are not obligations of the bank, may lose value.

Set Up a Trust

For investment expertise

For investment expertise – to gain access to unbiased, professional management of your assets.

For convenience

For convenience – to free yourself from the burdensome chores that accompany maintaining an active portfolio.

For protection

For protection – to have someone available to stand in your financial shoes should illness or incapacity strike.

For economy

For economy – to eliminate the unnecessary expenses of overpayment of taxes, thereby leaving more for your heirs.

For peace of mind

For peace of mind – to know that the details of your financial life will avoid public scrutiny.

For philanthropic purposes

For philanthropic purposes – to fashion a charitable gift that meets your income needs and takes advantage of all available tax benefits.

Clark Wisniewski

COO / Trust Officer
Certified Trust & Financial Advisor (CTFA)
308-632-7004 or Toll Free 888-632-7004

Establish Your Trust

Whatever the reason for establishing your trust, you will need to name a trustee.

As a start, you will want to choose a trustee who understands your goals and has the capability to follow your instructions to the letter.

When should you review your Estate?


Marriage or remarriage




Death of spouse or heir


Acquisition of property in another state


Change in estate size


Any change regarding an heir or beneficiary


Change in health


Additional heirs or beneficiaries

We offer a highly personalized, full line of personal trust and estate planning services in Nebraska and Wyoming. These services include review of wills, investments, and estate tax issues.

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